Lightweight Outdoor Keg

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could bring a bar with you to the beach? Fresh, foamy beer right from the tap does sound pretty good on a hot day. Take 64 ounces of cold suds wherever you go with this pressurized, carbonated growler. Lightweight and compact, it dispenses delicious beer with ease thanks to the patented carbonation cap that helps keep drinks fresh and fizzy. Whether you find yourself tailgating, enjoying a picnic, or on a camping trip, this mini keg will make sure you and your guests don’t go thirsty.


plastic, stainless steel, food grade brass

5.2″ D x 10.25″ H; 64 oz (4 pints)

Hand wash only

Cartridge version includes 10 8g Cartridges Please note that CO2 cartridges are prohibited from shipping via air, so please choose economy shipping, or the version without cartridges. This cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii. (yea we’re bummed too)

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