Camping With Cots Or Air Mattresses?

Should you camp with a mattress or cot

While peaceful sleep is a prerequisite for fun, getting enough of it might be challenging when camping. But not when you invest in the right gear.

As you go camping, make sure you give enough thought on how you want to sleep during your trip. Many people go for a hammock, others go for sleeping bags, but most people choose between a camping cot and an air mattress. The choice depends on a couple of factors including sleeping style, whether or not you are camping alone or with family and your personal preferences. Let’s take a look at both camping cots and air mattresses and find out which one is better as you set out to sleep in a tent.

Camping Cots

A camping cot is a foldable, metal, and fabric, transportable bed that can be used when regular beds are not available or suitable. This is ideal for people who are camping alone and prefer to sleep on an elevated surface while camping. Made from metal, camping cots are durable, rust-resistant, and easily washable.

One of the best features of a camping cot is that it offers better support while sleeping. Once intact, the cot provides a firm surface that offers excellent support for people who sleep on their backs. To improve comfort, you can always add blankets and pillows. If you are looking for a camping cot, you can find numerous options with different sizes. Some camping cots are extra-wide and extra-long to accommodate tall and overweight people.

While camping cots provide off the ground sleeping, and extra storage under the elevated surface, they are not an ideal choice for smaller tents. Also, they are not suitable if you are camping with kids. Back home, they also require a lot more storage space in the closets compared to air mattresses.

Air Mattresses

While some campers prefer camping cots, others go for air mattresses. They allow you to get the sleeping experience closely resembling a traditional mattress and the idea resonates better with outdoor camping. An air mattress is an inflatable mattress that you inflate using a handheld pump.

Air mattresses are lightweight and are easy to transport. If you are looking for easy set up in a tent, an air mattress is an ideal. You can easily find an air mattress in a variety of sizes, including single, twin, double, queen, and king. This allows you to choose the perfect size of bed for you. If you are camping with your entire family, a double or king-sized air mattress can easily satisfy your family’s needs.  Also, with air mattresses, you can control the firmness of your mattress. For extra firm surface, you need to pump up a reasonable level. And finally, an air mattress is a pocket-friendly option compared to a camping cot that can be easily stored as you go back home after your camping trip.

On the flip side, with an air mattress, you get to sleep on the ground. This might not be a good idea during the wet season. Also, while air mattresses are made up of durable material such as PVC, they can puncture on sharp objects. So they are less durable compared to camping cots.

Final Thoughts

When deciding between a camping cot and an air mattress, make sure you take all your needs into account so that you don’t only choose the most comfortable option but also the most convenient one. Camping cots are ideal for single campers or people who prefer to sleep off the ground while camping. On the other hand, air mattresses can be suitable for families looking for the most similar sleeping experience as that of a traditional mattress.

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