Camping with Kids – A Survival Guide

Camping with Kids

Planning for camping, but you have kids? Ask other camping parents, and you may hear that the trip was either an absolute delight or a complete nightmare.

When camping with children, different people have different experiences. For some, it will be a moment
of magic and fun. For others, it is a time of mayhem, full of chaos! If you are planning a camping trip
with children, here are some tried and tested tips that will help make your camping trip fun and
memorable for everyone.

Plan Ahead (With the Kids)

Parents often underestimate how responsible kids can be. Even when children are young, they can be
very responsible. Involve them in the planning process. Make a camping checklist with your kids. Give
them an opportunity to pack their bags. Obviously, parents can keep a check but involving kids in the
planning process will help you at the camping site as well.

Invest in the Right Tent

If you go camping regularly, it is a good idea to invest in a decent tent. Your tent should be big enough to
house you and your family. Always go for a tent that has more than one sleeping area and a separate
space that is kept clear. This space will be useful to store your bags. Also, it can be a great space to keep yourself warm and dry if you get rain.

However, if camping is a rare activity for you and your family, it is better to rent or borrow a tent. You
can find a lot of rental camping gear online.

Prepare On-The-Go Meals and Snacks

Young campers can get hungry pretty quickly after hiking and swimming, so make sure you prepare a lot
of meals and snacks. But don’t forget that your meals are handy and on-the-go. A good idea is to pack a
lot of fruits and vegetables on your trip. This will keep your little ones full and hydrated for longer.

Choose the Right Campsite

Though camping is about spending time outdoors, you don’t have to compromise on the comfort of
your family. Choose a campsite that is comfortable, yet offers a chance to view the natural beauty of the
area. Some campsites are close to the rivers, streams, or swimming holes while others offer
opportunities for hiking. So go for a campsite that is safe for your family and provides fun activities for
your kids.

Be Prepared for Chaos

When camping with kids, be ready for chaos. No matter how prepared you are, not everything goes
according to plan. And when you accept this fact, only then you can enjoy your camping trip. There are a number of things that can go wrong. There might be sleepless nights and your toddler may be clingy the next day. Your kids might end up overeating, or there may be bugs around. So slow down, be patient, and just go with the flow. If you were delaying your camping adventure, now is the time to plan it. With kids, camping can be a fun trip. All you need to do is to have a positive attitude and make the most of your time with your loved ones.

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