How to Talk Someone Into Trying Camping?

Camp with someone who hates camping

Camping can be fun, but unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way.

Sleeping on the ground in wet and cold weather far away from the hustle-bustle of an urban town can be something many people don’t like. For them, the word “camping” conjures up images of a bear or fox attacking the camp or not being in close proximity to flush toilets. So when offered camping, they are ones who always say “No, thanks!”  

But if you are a passionate camper, you can always convince your indoorsy friends to go camping. Here are some of the tips you can try as you talk to someone into trying camping. 

Share Your Story

Sounds obvious! But very often, we end up sharing the wrong stories. Think about what went well on your last camping trips. Make a list of all the things you enjoyed. Whether it was the sunset, the sound of the crashing river, or a bonfire, the secret is to share specific, positive aspects of camping. The more appealing your story is, the more likely it is for your friend/partner to accompany you on the next camping trip.  

Make Preparations For And With Them

Prepare ahead and prepare for your friends as well. But make sure you plan with them. Suggest what they might need on the trip. Help them pack their essentials and discourage gadgets such as laptops. The whole idea is to be away from urban life and camp in woods to unwind and get closer to nature.

Share the Menu 

Food is perhaps the best part of camping. As you convince your friends to go camping, entice with food, and share the menu. The idea of cooking on your own and trying something new can convince some of your friends to go out camping. Grilled meals, an unlimited supply of snacks, and some delicious sweet dessert are sure to help.

Go Out on a Day Hike

Instead of planning a weekend trip, go for a day hike. This day trip will help your friends get a glimpse of what camping looks like. Once they start enjoying the fresh air and natural beauty, they may want to try a longer camping trip.

Choose a Date In Spring Or Fall

Weather can significantly affect mood. Plan your camping trip in weather that is milder such as spring or early fall. No one wants to be outdoors during the scorching summer heat or freezing cold winters. 

Be Spontaneous 

Go for a spontaneous camping trip. The longer you plan, the higher is the risk of your friend saying no to your camping invitation. So as you leave your work at the start of the weekend, immediately go pick the person you want to go camping with, and there is a good chance that you can enjoy some time out in nature with your indoorsy friends.

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