The Best Camping Gadgets for Kids

Camping With Kids

Cool camping gadgets shouldn’t just be for adults- we made a list of some great camping gadgets just for kids that will get them excited for the next camping trip and hopefully make them life long lovers of camping.

S’More to Love Roasting Reel

It’s more fun to roast hot dogs and marshmallows over a camp fire with family and friends when using the S’more to Love Roasting Reel, because it takes the worry out of roasting over hot coals and flames. It’s safe and easy to clean and the detachable fork is dishwasher safe. Plug the telescoping fork into the handle, add a hot dog or marshmallows, and then extend the fork out to it’s full 21-inch length. Hold the food over a hot fire and turn the crank on the handle in order to rotate the food so it cooks evenly.

S’more Builder

Once you are done raosting your marshmallow with the above Roasting Reel you can use the S’More Builder to build the perfect S’more.  No more sticky or burnt fingers! Make the perfect S’more with Firebuggz S’More Builder! Comes in four fun colors! Simply place your cracker into the s’more builder and add chocolate. Place roaster over cracker and chocolate, slide into slot and pull the roaster back leaving the marshmallow on top of the bottom cracker and chocolate. Place top cracker on marshmallow and slightly press together. Flip over s’more builder and food will release into hands.

Binoculars for Kids

These binoculars for kids are compact and feature anti-friction, shock-proof rubber coating technology that absorbs impact & prevents injuries. They withstand drops and absorb impact while exploring the outdoors. Take it camping, hiking or to a safari trip with the assurance that this product will survive a tough environment (and your tenacious, risk-taking, extraordinary kids!!) Bring the world closer to your kids’ eyes and give the young outdoor explorer the gift of LEARNING; The BAK-4 roof prisms provides CRISP and COLORFUL images with good light transmission efficiency; The 7.2 viewing angle ensures great visual field for easily capturing objects and explore nature.

Critter Case

Kids will enjoy hours of fun studying the fascinating world of critters with the Toysmith Exploration Critter Case. The Critter Case features a sturdy, plastic frame and strong, fabric mesh sides that allow for safe viewing of the critters inside. The case features an easy-opening hatch for depositing and removing plants, branches, and insects for study. A flat base prevents the case from tipping over and accidentally releasing specimens.

Fire Buggz Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

The Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster is the perfect combination of roasting food over a campfire with a unique fishing twist. Roasting marshmallows (or hot dogs) over a campfire takes a little bit of practice, and a lot of patience. The Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster brings a little fun to the cooking process. Slide the marshmallows or hot dogs onto the prongs, then hold over the fire. Then when you are ready to flip, use those fishing skills and “jig” the pole, and in the blink of an eye, the marshmallows or hot dogs flip over. (For those of who you are not fishing pros, jigging the pole just takes a quick flick of your wrist.) The Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster holds two hot dogs or four marshmallows.


We all love a welll-made campfire and roasting marshmallows over it. But, when the wind shifts and the smoke heads directly to you, it can make your eyes sting and tear up, making for a less-than-perfect experience. With Smogglez you never have to worry about getting smoke in your eyes. The UV protection amber lens enhances the look of the fire – day or night. You can also use the enhanced vision of the amber color and the attached light to safely explore the woods at night, or wherever you need some light.

Magical Flames

Want to add a little magic to your fire? Magical Flames are the perfect accessories for any campfire! Simply toss an UNOPENED packet or two into your campfire for a magical experience that is sure to delight all ages! It’s the best campfire novelty product on the market today and you’ll be amazed by the vibrant colors produced. Magical Flames adds dazzling blues, brilliant greens, and delightful purples to transform a boring yellow and orange fire to a dancing rainbow of flames!

Coleman Coleman Kids Canteen

Keep your kids hydrated while out exploring nature with their very own Coleman Kids Wonder Lake Canteen. The adjustable shoulder strap makes this canteen easy to carry no matter how far their adventures take them. When it’s time to rest and have a drink, the soft fabric sides provide a comfortable grip that insulates their hands from the cold. Every sip will be refreshing, since this canteen is designed to leave no metallic taste. When it’s time to head off again, the secure screw-on cap prevents spills and it’s also tethered to keep from being lost, so your kid can always have a refreshing drink waiting at the next stop.


A great way for kids to see in the dark around the campsite is with this Blizu LED Headlamp. Don’t Get Caught In The Dark – this head light lasts for days without needing to change batteries. It also has a Red Light mode that allows you to preserve your night vision without blinding others.

Mini Lantern For Kids

Would you rather carry your light and set it down or hang it up? Then the this Mini Lantern For Kids is for you. Clip, carry or hang, the field ready compact-sized lantern is always within easy reach and provides instant light. The water-resistant mini lantern features a bright LED bulb and has a sturdy carabiner clip that attaches right to your Backyard Safari Cargo Vest or Base Camp Shelter!

Kids Hiking Backpack

Osprey’s Jet 18 is just right for first time hikers who are big enough to carry their own gear. The mesh back panel provides ventilation and the fleece-lined shoulder harness is extra comfortable all day long. The external zippered pocket is perfect for snacks or lip balm while the internal zippered pocket is good for small items. Dual stretch mesh side pockets give youngsters a place to store new found outdoor treasures. There’s also an external reservoir pocket to make refills easy.

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