Backpack Beer Hugger

It’s time to tuck in your darling, nice and snug. You don’t have to get a bedtime story ready, though. The baby this puffy little sleeping bag is keeping cozy is your precious, precious beer. Made of soft nylon on the outside, the inside is lined with a metallic fabric that helps keep your little bundle of joy cold. Once your beer is cuddled-up inside, you can take it on the go by clipping it to your backpack or belt loop with the attached carabiner. (There’s also a notch there that works as a bottle opener.) It’s a fun way to take a cold one on the go-like say, on a camping trip-and it makes a humorous gift for anyone who takes their craft brew a little too seriously.


Nylon outer shell, reflective metalized poly film interior lining, metal zipper and carabiner

10″ H X 3″ Diam

Keep clean by wiping with damp cloth

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