Portable Solar Charging Panel

The sun pours endless, useable energy on us all day long. Meanwhile, addicted to our electronic devices, or camping off-grid, we worry about dying batteries. Keep calm and capture the sun’s juice with this lightweight, super slim, and very smart solar panel. The onboard battery stores the energy for later, so you can charge devices and lights when you need to. Setup is simple, and the internal microprocessor automatically optimizes sun power collection. Cache some rays! (Or, when the sun’s not out, charge it the conventional way when you need to.)


plastic, solar panel, Li-ion battery

10″ L x 8″ W x .94″ H

-Ultrathin, high-efficiency, heat-dissipating microcrystalline-cell panel
-Durable, scratch-resistant, PET laminate
-5-watt output at peak sun; charge a phone in as little as 2 hours
-2200mAh lithium battery with status button
-Charge strength indicator measures sun strength
-Integrated analog sundial for correct alignment
-360 degree kickstand
-Onboard microprocessor monitors sun power and optimizes converters
-USB out, Micro-USB in

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