Great Camping Hacks For Your Next Camping Trip

Great Camping Hacks

Nothing is better then going out camping and enjoying the great outdoors. But why not make the whole camping experience even better with a little ingenuity to make things easier for you on your next camping trip?

Here are some of our favorite camping hacks that are easy to do and will make a big difference in your camping enjoyment.

Extra Lighting

Get a gallon jug like a old milk jug and strap a headlamp to it and it will give off enough light to fill your entire tent. This comes in great at night when you are trying to see things in a dark tent.

Camping Hack - Jug Light

Pot and Pan Holder

If you have an old belt and a few cheap hooks you can create your very own pot and pan holder. Just wrap the belt around a nearby tree and add the clips and you have a perfect place for drying and storing your pots and pans while you are camping. No more mess of having the pots and pans littered across the camp site or picnic table.

Camping Hack - Pot and Pan Holder

Doritos For Starting a Fire

If you need help starting a campfire and happen to have some Doritos with you then you are in luck. You can use some Doritos that will start on fire very easily and do a great job of getting your campfire going. It turns out that all of the starches, chemicals, oils, and flavors in Doritos make it perfect for combustion and a great way to make a roaring fire.

Camping Hack - Doritos For Starting a Fire

Foam Pads In a Tent

If you don’t like walking or sleeping on the hard ground in your tent than just buy some foam pads to put together for the inside of the tent. They are not very expenive and make for a much softer floor and also brighten up the tent a little.

Camping Hack - Foam Pads in Tent

Deodorant For Bug Bites

If you get an insect bite such as a mosquito bite they can sting, swell and itch especially if you are allergic to them. But if you have some deodorant with you just swipe it on the bite to reduce the itching. The aluminum salts in the deodorant help stop pain and swelling.

Camping Hack - Deodrant for Bug Bites

Burn Sage To Keep Mosquitoes Away

The next time you go camping be sure to take some bundles of sage with you. Then once you have your campfire going put some of the sage on the edge of the fire and let it smolder and smoke. Mosquitoes are naturally repelled by sage smoke so with this hack you won’t be bothered as much by mosquitoes.

Camping Hack - Sage Keeps Away Mosquitoes

Store Items In a Hanging Shoe Organizer

You can buy a very inexpensive hanging shoe organizer and then, instead of using it on the back of your closet door at home, bring it on your next camping trip and hang it in your tent or on the side of a tree to create a great area to organize some kitchen supplies, toiletries, card games, etc.

Camping Hack - Hanging Shoe Organizer

Make a Whistle Out Of An Acorn

If you are ever out on a hike during your camping trip and get lost you can make a whistle out of an acorn. You only use the cap of the acorn to whistle with–not the whole acorn. You will have to remove a cap from the rest of an acorn. Although acorn whistling is simple once you have done it, you will have to experiment at it a bit to learn it. Larger caps are easier to learn on, while smaller ones seem to be slightly louder. Here are the instructions for how you can make the whistle.

Camping Hack - Acrons as a Whistle

Use Candle Wax As Zipper Lubricant

If you are having trouble with a zipper, like one on a tent or sleeping bag, you can often fix it by running a candle on the teeth of the zipper. Just rub the candle up and down each set of teeth. Move the slider up and down to spread out all the wax evenly. Then, wipe off any excess with a paper towel or cloth. You should then be able to slide it the back and forth easier.

Camping Hack - Candle to fix Zipper

Bring Baby Wipes With You Camping

This is probably one of the easiest and most helpful hacks but often just not thought off. When you go camping bring a container of baby wipes. You can use them to wipe down some equipment quick or give yourself a quick freshen up. Much easier then messing with wet napkins or paper towels.

Camping Hack - Baby Wipes

Bring Microfiber Towels

Instead of bringing traditional towels with you while camping which take up a ton of room and take forever to dry you should just bring Microfiber Towels. Due to the microfiber character, the microfiber towels will dry quite quick and it can be used again in a short time. They are also ultra compact and light weight which makes them easy to carry and space saving.

Camping Hack - Microfiber Towel

Camping Hack – Microfiber Towel

Trying to find a quick and easy way to keep the flaps on your tent open? All you need is a few cheap binder clips and just clip them to the tent flap and you are all set with no hassle at all.

Camping Hack - Binder Clips for Tent

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